Monday, 14 October 2013

No Growling Allowed! More boot camp secrets...

Was that your stomach growling? Did you know that when
your stomach growls it means that your metabolism has slowed
down dramatically? Don’t allow yourself to get to that point!
Eat small healthy portions more often.

Going all day without eating will put your body into storage mode. The body is quite extraordinary and has systems in place to compensate for irregular eating patterns. When you go three or more hours without eating the rate at which your body burns calories slows down.

The reverse is also true. If the body learns food is coming at regular intervals, then the metabolism will speed up and burn calories at a more efficient rate. You will have more energy and minimize muscle loss. Going long periods without eating results in catabolism;The breakdown of muscle to be used for energy. You body needs energy from some where. So, if you are not eating, then the muscle is the last resort for energy supply. Why is catabolism bad?... because lean healthy tissue burns fat at much higher rates than body fat. Lean healthy muscle tissue is key to being lean.

The best thing you can do is train your body daily that food is coming on a regular basis. This means never go more than 4 hours with out a small healthy meal. A participant in my Toronto boot camp told me they would be big as a house if they did that. Actually the opposite is true. Long periods of dieting or limiting calories makes you MORE fat! Lean healthy muscle tissue breaks down and fat stores will go up.

I'm not saying this is a license to go crazy and eat 5000 calories as day. What I'm saying is, Take your estimated calories target and divide it into 6 meals across the day in stead of 3 meals. If you are not sure what your daily target should be try a online calorie counter or contact me for you estimate.

Well that is it for today, If you like this blog article there is more at my boot camp Toronto website.

Talk to you later.. Rob

Sunday, 6 October 2013

How to rid the cravings for junk foods – New method

boot camp toronto
I had a boot camp member from the Toronto location the other day tell me she had 5 cookies but she deserved it because she worked out five days this week... ohhh-NOOO! She she rewarded her self with junk food. Yes it's awesome you worked out 5 days this week, but reward your self with something else. Anything but food! Money, go shopping, buy yourself a nice blouse or a pair of designer jeans. Treat your self to a massage or facial.

Fighting the cravings is common. We have all done it We tell ourselves “Ok... today I'm going to start eating clean.” But then the day starts, with your radio waking you up, tempting you with a glorious fatty fast breakfast from you local coffee house. Then on the way to work you see eye popping ads with pictures of scrumptious looking food on billboards everywhere. Then you get to work and see mouth watering chocolate cake left over in the lunch room from a co-workers birthday. You resist most of the day, but finally you breakdown only to eat that glorious fatty food that will go right your hips and thighs. So why do we still do it?

I'll tell you why. Some where along the line growing up fatty unhealthy food has become a source of pleasure, stress release, and has been associated with reward or positive experiences. When we were children growing up birthdays were usually filled with lots of pleasure and joy: presents, cake, cookies, ice cream, parties. That is where the problem lies. Junk food has become a reward for you. You see junk food as something you get when you have behaved or accomplished something.

My point is you need to do a re-frame. The only way to change your behaviour is to break the positive association you have with junk food. So how do you do that? First make a list of all the negative things that result from eating junk food. Here are a few:

It clogs your arteries.
It leads to extra unsightly fat on the mid section.
Makes you self conscious in clothes.
Puts you as risk for diabetes and heart problems.
Could cause heart attacks, cancer or an early death.
Your partner will start to find you unattractive and their eye will wander.

The list is endless. Carry that list with you, and when every you are tempted by junk food just read your list immediately. Break the positive pattern and replace it with the negative. Realizing where this road will lead will help you break the cycle. The key is remember and repeat it every single time your tempted. This will help break the cycle.

Secondly, start to associate positive emotions to wholesome foods. Fruit, leafy greens, water, and lean meats. Organic whole grains, and fibre. Surround your self with healthy like minded people. You might even have to limit your exposure to unhealthy people who could influence you. Eat healthy meal at celebrations like thanks giving or the the holidays.

Try it out and let me know what happens. To read more tips and learn more secrets visit my website
at www.Gordy'

Later, Rob